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Asbestos Removal Gloucester

If you need asbestos removed, managed, encapsulated by a local asbestos removal contractor in Gloucestershire we at Gloucester Asbestos Ltd can help. Our local office in Worcester is conveniently located in between Stroud and Gloucester with easily links between the centre of Gloucester the M5. Gloucester Asbestos is Gloucestershire's only accredited Asbestos removal contractors association member 'ARCA'. We also hold a maximum three year Health & safety executive (HSE) asbestos removal licence to remove any type of asbestos materials you may have. Our dedicated asbestos removal teams regularly remove all types of asbestos material from domestic, commercial, industrial and local authority buildings throughout Gloucestershire

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Asbestos Removal Gloucestershire

All our asbestos removal is carried by our in house asbestos teams through a combination of hands-on experience and proven safe removal techniques. 

Our asbestos removal and disposal works are carried out in accordance with the latest Health and safety guidance and Asbestos removal contractors association (ARCA) guidance notes which are:

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

  • The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012

  • The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015

  • HSE Approved Codes of Practice


We meet and exceed the needed safety standards for any asbestos removal project we undertake and we take great pride on all our works we undertake from a small garage roof upto a £1 million project.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

We have an extensive knowledge of answering many questions about asbestos but if you think you may have asbestos on your property in Gloucestershire, the following examples highlight common places that many of our clients have found asbestos within their domestic and commercial properties:

  • Asbestos cloth, rope and string

  • Asbestos cement sheets and roof tiles

  • Asbestos garages

  • Asbestos Sheds

  • Asbestos Boxings

  • Asbestos Boarding

  • Asbestos Insulation Board

  • Asbestos Ceiling Tiles

  • Ovens and Furnaces

  • Asbestos gutter & down pipes

  • Asbestos soil pipes

  • Stove-top pads

  • Asbestos Floor Tiles

  • Mastics and Sealants

  • Toilet cisterns

  • Asbestos Texture coatings (Artex)

  • Sprayed insulation

  • Thermal pipe insulation

  • Licenced Asbestos Removal

  • Non-Licenced Asbestos Removal

Any property built before the year 2000 could potentially still have asbestos within it. If you have any worries at all that you have asbestos on your property and you need it removing then please do get in touch with us, so we can provide you with a competitive quote for its removal. GAL Asbestos, Gloucester asbestos Ltd, Asbestos removal gloucestershire

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