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Soil Remediation

Asbestos within soil is become more of a problem now due to the amount of construction works being undertaken to 'Brown field sites' which have had older types of building demolished and asbestos waste dumped. These types of sites we have found could have various asbestos materials buried such as asbestos cement, asbestos insulation boarding and various types of asbestos insulation products.

Some of our services which we can offer you include:

Bespoke site documentation

UKAS accredited bulk sample analysis

UKAS accredited Soil sample analysis

In depth Soil asbestos surveys

Contaminated soil consultancy

Borehole and trial pit excavation works

Method of work and risk assessments (RAMS) documentation

Removal and disposal of all types of licence and non-licensed asbestos material and contaminated soils

Hazardous waste removal

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